Dragon Quest VII and VIII may be headed to the West

Yuji Horii inadvertently announces Dragon Quest VII and VIII 3ds remakes here in the west at Japan Expo

According to numerous sources via Gematsu, it seems that the Dragon Quest series creator, Yuji Horii, has outed the localization of the two beloved JRPGs in the west at the Japan Expo in France.

Dragon Quest VIII, originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2004, is set be released on the 3DS in Japan in August of this year. Many fans speculates that a Western Release would be officially announced at Square-Enix's 2015 E3 press conference. When it was not, many feared that the game would not be released here in the west.

Dragon Quest VII, originally released on the PlayStation in 2001, got a 3DS makeover back in 2013, but due to its massive size, many thought that it would never localized. 

Hopefully with both Gamescom and the Tokyo Games Show around the corner, we will soon get a more official announcement, along with a possible release date for both beloved titles.


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Published Jul. 6th 2015

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