A Little Afternoon Shade

A bird has to stretch their wings in a giant overgrown tree once in a while, y'know.

Alyssa Enfilade is just another ranger in a long line of various trailblazers and go-getting cartographers.

Though the travel between the continents is no longer as free-flowing as it used to be, Tyria is absolutely teeming with fascinating flora and fauna for any budding nature lover amongst dazzling locales. The explorers might call it Dierdre's Steps but between you and me it's a lovely little hidden garden.

Red Delicious can't help himself, he is a little bit of a showoff when given any amount of attention.

He is also downright incorrigible in his pursuit for apples. There's few who can attest they love apples as much as he does.

The Outfit

  • Rox's Quiver
  • Divinity Council Shoulderpads
  • Invader Rawhide Vest
  • Prowler Gloves
  • Duelist Leggings & Boots (a.k.a PvP Assassin)

Add Redemption, Indigo and Night Shade dye to taste. A red moa is optional but a very nice complement to any adventurer and their wardrobe.


Published Aug. 6th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    Ahaha love that you included you Moa "Red Delicious" as part of your wardrobe!

    You got your style down to a T though - fantastic splurge of orange, with that dash of purple works so well against the grey metallic lining. Good job!
  • Lazer_8493
    A sunset of orange brown to warm yellows pops against iron-gray straps and scaffolding, with twilight purple waiting in the wings. The moon, a small pale pentagon of exposed abdomen, rises.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Hats off for the prose, Lazer. Rarely does language so subtly salute the navel.

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