Having Bugs? Help Me Help You!

Everything that can go wrong, will. Yeah, Murphy's law about sums it up.

Have you encountered a game(skinny) breaking bug? Help me help you!

Report the Bug!

This is the only way we'll ever know. Please GameSkinnians, you're my only hope. That would have been better if I had a hologram, wouldn't it?

The best way to report your issue is to use the green Feedback tab that you see on the right there (just imagine me sitting here pointing to the right), yeah over there. Once you click that tab, a box will pop up where you can either leave feedback/ideas then also email support directly with your issue.

If you are feeling generous, take a quick screenshot of the bug, that always helps us! If you are feeling really generous and web savvy, there is one more amazing thing you could do for us. This will be to give us the JavaScript output, it will allow us to see where exactly our code broke. And I repeat, you really don't need to stress over this step, it's not exactly simple. For those of you who are web savvy will have no problem with this though.

Those of you brave enough to jump into a web developers shoes for a moment, this is what you need to do.

In Google Chrome, with the page that is bugged open and selected, press Ctrl+Shift+J. This will show you the JavaScript Console in a new pop-up window. Refresh the bugged page, assuming on the reload the bug still persists, you will see the JavaScript Console populate. Kappa pasterino, sorry, I got Twitch chat cancer, copy and paste the whole thing and send it over in your bug report email!

The steps are very similar for IE and FireFox, if you can pull this off, you can do it in other browsers... Except maybe Safari, who knows with Safari.

Fixing the Bug Now!

If you've dared to dive into web developer magic, you might as well keep on diving. Now you can reset your cache and it should fix any issues you are having. Cached files are files that websites will have your computer store temporarily and locally to speed up load times. This of course means some of the cached files have been corrupted in some way, causing issues.

Clearing your cache in Chrome:

The easiest way is to press Ctrl+Shift+Del. You can also get to the cache clearing screen by going into the menu and hovering over tools. Onces on the page, select "the beginning of time" then check off the following: 'Cookies and other site and plug-in data' and 'Cached images and files'. You can uncheck the rest. Accidentally deleting your saved passwords and autofill data isn't always fun, so be sure to double check you aren't deleting anything you want to keep.

Google is better at explaining it than I am.

In FireFox:

Click your menu button and choose options. Then click the Advanced panel, within that panel you will see the Network tab. Once on the Network tab click the Clear Now button. Again, this is just a poser guide, FireFox got this!

In IE:

Click the Settings button up in the top right corner, hover over 'Safety' then click 'Delete Browsing History'. You can also get to it with the same Ctrl+Shift+Del shortcut. You will get a pop-up window where you can select which pieces of data are deleted just like for Chrome. Make sure you check off 'Temporary Internet files and website files' and 'Cookies and website data'. Then you can click Delete! I didn't actually find a very clear instruction set for this in IE, who uses IE anyway?

In Safari

Doing this should fix almost any issue you are having. The unfortunate part is that this is not always a permanent fix.

You're on your own! But in all seriousness, Safari has made wiping your cache overly complicated. You have to go into your settings and turn on development tools, then go into the development tools menu and wipe your cache. There are plenty of results if you ask Google, so you should be able to get it worked out.

Doing this should fix almost any issue you are having. The unfortunate part is that this is not always a permanent fix. We have yet to nail down exactly what is causing the broken files to be sent. The good news is, the more reports we recieve, the better we will understand the problem!

For those of you in the JTP and or have me on Skype, always feel free to shoot me a message!

Master O' Bugs

Hi everyone! I'm Brian Schaaf, keeper of bug reports and calmer of the GameSkinnians! I also play too many games. Lets play something, betcha I'll win.

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Published Jul. 23rd 2014

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