MacGyver: Deadly Descent Brings the Classic Problem Solving to Mobile

Same mullet, new story in MacGyver: Deadly Descent's adaptation of the famous television series.

Many famous mullets have grabbed our attention and stolen our hearts in the last few decades — any noteworthy musician from the 1980s, Uncle Jesse from Full House, Captain Planet — but few have developed a mind behind the mullet like MacGyver, found in the television show of the same name and a new app titled MacGyver: Deadly Descent

Mobile game publisher, Fairplay Media, announced that the game will be released May 21 for iOS and Android at price of $1.99

Those unfamiliar with the MacGyver TV series from the '80s and '90s may require some background. To explain it simply: MacGyver was an all-around troubleshooter for a ficitional agency. He rocked a mullet while saving lives and escaping death by turning common materials and items into brilliant contraptions and machines, such as a bamboo airplane complete with seatbelts and a motorized water ski made from a coffin.


The series ended in 1992 but now the story lives on with input from MacGyver creator,  Lee David Zlotoff. In Deadly Descent, MacGyver is placed into a modern environment and is tasked with saving a group of scientists at D.A.W.N. Laboratories when a computer virus terrorizes the complex. 

Mark Mainey, production director at Fairplay Media, said working with Zlotoff is an exciting experience.

“We wanted to open up the appeal of Deadly Descent but make sure that it's 100 percent authentic MacGyver," Mainey said. "It’s a tough game too; you’re going to have to really think about some of the puzzles.”

A portion of the proceeds from Deadly Descent will go toward supporting the MacGyver Foundation.

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Published May. 9th 2014

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