Pro StarCraft Player Tweets Rape Comment at Female Opponent, Gets Disqualified

Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda disqualified from Fragbite Masters Season 3 tournament in Stockholm, Sweden due to tweeting he was going to rape a female opponent.

Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda has been disqualified from Fragbite Masters Season 3 for tweeting that he was going to "rape some girl", just before their group stage match. Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda is a Ukrainian professional StarCraft 2 Terran player, and Madeleine "MaddeLisk" Leander was the tweets intended target. This is what Kas said:

Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda's now-infamous tweet.

Madeleine "MaddeLisk" Leander is one of the few women to compete at such a high level in StarCraft 2, and the only woman to take part in the Fragbite Masters tournament. Hats off to her.

What is Fragbite Masters Season 3?

This is tournament for StarCraft 2. The group stage matches are all played online. The finals are held in Stockholm, Sweden, and are played offline over LAN. The prize pool is $20,300 shared between the top 4 players.

What happened?

The offending tweet was posted just before the beginning of the match, but the judges only found out about it shortly after the match had started. They allowed the match to continue, but disqualified Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda from the tournament after the match had ended.

Fragbite Masters commented on this saying:

Madeleine "MaddeLisk" Leander made a blog post after the match, saying "this coming from a pro player is scary." In a later and longer blog post explaining what happened she said (translated from Swedish):

Obviously I did not think the player would jump on the next flight to get to Sweden and rape me but the tweet angered me.

Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda has now profusely apologised, and deleted the offending tweet. Saying:

And shortly after:

Madeleine "MaddeLisk" Leander has acknowledged the apologies, and says:

Mihaylo "Kas" Hayda of course did not mean "rape" as the act of sexual assault, but meant to decisively to beat Madeleine "MaddeLisk" Leander in their StarCraft 2 match.

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Published Aug. 18th 2017

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