This guy is on a quest to sing a song for all 700+ Pokemon

Can one man sing a song for every Pokemon? We're going to find out.

Pokemon fans have gone some pretty great lengths in showing their appreciation for the series. Everyone has their own way of showing their love for Pokemon, but none have taken on the monumental endeavor of singing a song for every entry in the Pokedex...until now.

One Tumblr user under the pseudonym Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm wants to be the very best [like no one ever was] at doing odes to Pokemon big and small. And he's already at over 100 with the help of some friends.

So what sort of tunes is good ol' ukulele-weilding Chainsaw-Arm putting out?

Some pretty cute stuff.

It's clear sometimes there just really is nothing to sing about, like in the case of little Caterpie.

All of them do sing about the Pokemon themselves -- sometimes what they look like, what they'd do in nature, or how weird their typing is (like in the case of Flygon above).

This is just the beginning of his Pokemon ode-singing journey, with over 600 more to go to finish the Pokedex, and new entries coming with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon later this year.

The first 100 songs have been released on Bandcamp as an album titled 100 Songs For 100 Pokemon, which is available for a minimum of $0. But if you want to keep up with his song releases you need to keep an eye on his Tumblr and SoundCloud accounts for the latest releases.

There are many more Pokemon to be sung about, and with any luck Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm will hopefully be able to finish the entire Pokedex, maybe even with a gym badge or two in tow. Here's to hoping he finishes his Pokemon singing adventure!

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Published Apr. 27th 2016

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