Samsung Enters the VR Arena

Samsung is joining the fun with a Virtual Reality headset of their own.

The multinational conglomerate Samsung of South Korea will be joining the virtual reality market, in hopes to beat Sony’s Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift. Engadget has reported that Samsung’s VR headset will be a gaming peripheral first, and the company is aiming to have it be more affordable than its competition.

The VR headset will be using new Galaxy Phones and tablets that have not been released or announced yet. Developers have already been given a prototype of the technology, and have been working on it with the latest Galaxy hardware. Samsung is pushing to announce the headset sometime this year, with the goal  of having it be the first mass marketed virtual reality headset.

I’m not too big on virtual reality headsets just yet; I have a strong feeling that these could easily be another fad in the gaming world, such as motion controls and 3D visuals. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy these peripherals as long as they work correctly and efficiently. I have a Kinect and use it quite often.

What do you think of Virtual Reality headsets?


I like metal and video games :D

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Published May. 23rd 2014

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