'Tis the Season: The Best Couples Cosplay for Halloween

Another DC pair that will last the ages. Batwoman and Catwoman don't always see eye to eye regarding pesky matters like legalities and their choices in friends (who may or may not spend an inordinate amount of time locked up in Arkham Asylum) their romance is both explosive and exciting.

Whether you choose to go the iconic Batman Returns route of dressing up as Bats and Selena Kyle like @harley_sinn_87 & @kevindcosplay above, or prefer one of their countless other movie/comic book/video game/cartoon counterparts, I guarantee you will be instantly recognizable by anyone you meet on the street. 

It's also super easy to dress these two up and down depending on your time and budget constraints too!

(image source: Picdeer)

Published Oct. 15th 2018

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