Top Ten Minecraft 1.12.2 Spawn Point Seeds for December 2017

Spawn Near an Abandoned Mine Shaft

Seed: -3817467640642269151
Biomes: Forest, Ice Plains

Heigh-Ho! Spawn in a densely forested area with access to pigs, chickens, and sheep. Gather some resources before heading north toward the ice plains, where you’ll discover an unassuming cave hidden beneath the trees (coordinates: 56, 102). Take advantage of the coal and iron deposits at the cave’s entrance, as venturing further will reveal a massive abandoned mine shaft filled with lapis lazuli ore, redstone ore, and gold.

You may want to consider setting up camp with a bed crafted from the wool and wood provided at the spawn point in case of defeat.

Treasure chests can be found at the following coordinates:

  • 82, 132
  • 87, 100
  • 101, 92
  • 105, 135
Published Dec. 10th 2017

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