Top Ten Minecraft 1.12.2 Spawn Point Seeds for December 2017

Spawn Near a Village with a Dungeon

Seed: 8327359431265809414
Biomes: Beach, Plains

Spawn adjacent to a plains village equipped with farms, furnaces, and a dungeon! Scale the gorge or break the dirt to reach the monster spawner and claim the ultimate prize: Music Disc: C418 – Cat. (If you’re not a cat person, Music Disc: C418 – 13 drops, too.) Players can also take advantage of the dungeon’s stockpile of gunpowder, redstone, bones, and a bucket, which can be used to harvest the nearby lava.  

Note: The plains village is swarming with Zombie Villagers that will need to be dealt with. Need a weapon? Raid the nearby desert temple (coordinates: 10, 171) for materials to craft an iron sword or pickaxe.

When you’re ready to skip town, the village’s treasure chest contains bread, apples, diamond horse armor, oak saplings, and obsidian. Don't forget the crafting table!

Published Dec. 10th 2017

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