Top Ten Minecraft 1.12.2 Spawn Point Seeds for December 2017

Spawn Near a Jungle Temple

Seed: -2343509045483649622
Biomes: Plains, Jungle

Look for the bare necessities! Spawn on the coastline of the plains biome where you can find an abundance of sheep and wood. (The nearby hills provide a few coal deposits that can be used to make torches.) After a day’s worth of foraging, head north toward the plains village (coordinates: 307, -156) to locate a crafting table and additional resources.

When you’re ready, brave the jungle temple (coordinates: -167, 311) by going northwest toward the jungle biome. Jungle temples often contain two chests, so be sure to disable the tripwires before proceeding.

Note: Jungle biomes can be difficult to navigate, but the stone temples unique to this region provide a basic introduction to Minecraft’s redstone mechanics. Consider implementing the temple’s redstone in your own stronghold!

Published Dec. 10th 2017

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