Minecraft Skins: 2016 Superhero Edition

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8. Finn

While technically not a superhero, Finn is definitely iconic enough to be added to our list of superhero skins. If you have yet to watch the latest Star Wars movie (which is tantamount to a crime in the gaming world), Finn is the protagonist in the new series. 

As with Wonder Woman however, there are very few decent Finn skins out there. However, we were lucky enough to find this one by Diamondman113. While not the most crisp of skins, it definitely does the job!

 The best part though, is the fact that you can use this skin in conjunction with the Lightsabers Mod for Minecraft. This fantastic mod not only provides you with the ability to use the iconic crystal-powered sword, but also gives access to some cool telekinetic abilities. To check out the skin, go right over here.

Published Apr. 11th 2016

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