11 Most Expensive Rivals of Ixalan Cards in MTG

Angrath, the Flame-Chained

  • Current price: $7.03

The second Angrath planeswalker has a similar approach, but this time it would fit Modern format better. The +1 discard ability is often used in format with such planeswalkers asLiliana, so it will definitely see play.

The -3 ability is interesting but can only deal with cheap minions, which is fine in most cases. But if you really want to reach the ultimate ability, then this is where Angrath will blow out of the water any deck that relies heavily on its graveyard.

Grixis Death's Shadow and Dredge decks will not be able to resist against such power, although it may take some effort before that -8 can be activated.

Published Jan. 12th 2018

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