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Love it or hate it, League of Legends is the most played video game in the world. A staggering number of people dabble in it, from the most relaxed players to the most competitive.

Odds are that you or any gamer friends you know have at least tried it, and you probably know at least one who has stuck with it.

With that kind of reputation, the amount of merchandise and gift ideas available for a League of Legends fan is monstrous. So stick with me and I'll guide you through a few simple and effective gifts for the LoL players in your life.

League of Legends Prepaid Cards (Riot Points)

Price: $10-$50 (and regional equivalents)

Buy it on: League of Legends Community

Let's get the obvious gift out of the way first: Riot Points. League of Legend's own in-game currency can be used to buy all sorts of cosmetic add-ons in the game itself. Just about any LoL player has a skin or champion they've been eying, so this is just the way to help them out.

The best news about this is that prepaid cards of varying amounts can be found just about anywhere! And if that isn't enough, you can buy and gift these points to a friend from within the game itself.

League of Legends Shirts and Hoodies

Price: $20-$120

Buy it on: Riot Merchandise

With more than a hundred characters, countless professional teams and a huge amount of art to choose from, the designs for League of Legends themed clothing are quite extensive. Pick up a shirt with the giftee's favorite character and let them rep it to the world.

Character Figurines

Price: $15-$25

Buy it on: Riot Merchandise

A good selection of characters from the game is now available in adorable figurines, perfect for sitting on a desk to inspire players. Pick a favorite champion and liven up your work or gaming space!

Funko POP! figurines also have a League of Legends range that you can find at a number of stores, too. But if this kind of display isn't impressive enough...

LoL Statues

Price: $65-$250

Buy it on: Riot Merchandise

...then perhaps you might like to try your luck with a full size statue. Ranging from the 9-inch statue pictured above to more heavily detailed designs up to 16-inches, these impressive looking figures are sure to stand out as a centrepiece.

League of Legends Plush Toys

Price: $20-$30

Buy it on: Riot Merchandise

It's a known fact -- backed up by plenty of statistics -- that everyone loves Poros. Yes, everyone. So why not solidify this fact by gifting an adorable Poro plush toy? They're cute, they're cuddly and they're relatively inexpensive. What's not to love?

Oh, and I suppose you could buy plush toys of other characters besides the Poro. I don't see why you would... but the option is there!

LoL Customised Mousepad

Price: $10

Buy it on: Etsy

There's a wide selection of mousepads available for the League of Legends enthusiast. Riot Games have their own mousepads on their merchandise store, and many companies produce similarly themed ones. I've chosen the above purely because it lets you customise the mousepad to feature any official piece of splash art that League of Legends utilises to give the perfectly suited gift.

League of Legends Posters

Price: $15

Buy it on: Riot Merchandise

Displaying a collection of vivid and high-quality League-themed art, this selection of posters is sure to turn any wall space into a celebration of the game. Many game stores will also have these available, so keep an eye out!

Mechs vs. Minions Board Game

Price: $75

Buy it on: Riot Merchandise

Saving the most interesting for last, Riot Games just recently released their LoL themed cooperative board game Mechs vs. Minions! Featuring high-quality design and construction with interesting team-based mechanics, this board game is sure to be a hit during board game night. It's a great way to bring a League experience to a group that might not be too familiar with it themselves. What's more, the game has been well received by critics and fans alike!

Please be advised, however, additional copies of this game aren't due to be shipped out until mid-December, so trying to avoid the Christmas rush may be difficult.

And there you have it, a collection of gifts across a full range of prices and interests that are sure to appeal to at least some facet of your League playing giftee. There's still plenty more merchandise and creative gifts out there, though; a game doesn't get as big as League of Legends without attracting all sorts of extra trinkets and shiny loot.

If none of this works out, one suggestion that many of my friends put out for a gift to a LoL player is "another game"... and while the tone of that suggestion isn't exactly positive, it's probably not a bad idea if all else fails. After all, League players are gamers just like the rest of us, so new and interesting games that you can find on Steam or elsewhere should easily suffice.

Best of luck and happy gifting!

Do you have any other suggestions or good ideas that you didn't see listed here? Share it with everyone in the comments! You just might make someone's Christmas!

Published Nov. 18th 2016


Kris is an Australian with a long history of video games and writing, two hobbies that he hopes to merge and turn into something more.


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