These Nintendo IPs Need to Get Attention This E3 While the Switch Hype Is High

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing was taken to new heights when New Leaf dropped back in 2012, and can still be seen plugged into a 3DS even today (I’ve got the street passes to prove it). The thrill of visiting your friends towns, and ruling over the townsfolks with an iron grip is a rush that would fit right at home on the Switch, and there’s plenty of potential for the series to shine on the new system.

Think back to when Nintendo originally released Miitomo on the Apple and Android Marketplace: the company was able to deliver a social experience that was able to work off asymmetric interaction successfully, giving players a channel to network through personalized exchanges and questionnaires with each other.

Miitomo isn’t currently commanding screen time on smartphones the way it did when it first launched, but that doesn’t mean it was on to something. If the Big N found a way to adapt the dynamics of Miitomo within the framework of Animal Crossing onto the Switch, then I can tell you that’ll be a pretty safe bet that the property will see another commercial hit that could even surpass the impact of New Leaf.

Published Mar. 29th 2017

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