These Nintendo IPs Need to Get Attention This E3 While the Switch Hype Is High

Sutte Hakkun

In a lot of ways, the Switch is more than just a new system to get excited about, it’s a second chance to make up for the shortcomings of its predecessor, the Wii U. It’s the kind of sentiment that permeates hope that Nintendo will give some other IP’s a second chance as well, and while there are plenty of deserving ones, there’s a particular cult classic from the days of the Super Famicom that’s worth mentioning.

Sutte Hakkun was a puzzle-platformer that was episodically released on the Sattellaview service in the late 90’s before it ended up getting its full-fledged cartridge release on the iconic 16-bit machine in 1999. Players would take on the role of a Hakkunn, a stylized chibi take on the golden age Dipping bird toy, as he traveled to various islands solving color-based physics puzzles through series of levels that get more challenging than the last,

The concept of Sutte Hakkun isn’t too different from the modern day indie puzzle platformers that are available, but it’s certainly another chance for Nintendo to capitalize in that market off the heels of Snipperclips with a franchise that can take full advantage of the Switch’s capabilities.

Imagine a four-player cooperative take on Sutte Hakkun’s mechanics with the JoyCon controllers, assigning each player with a specific color power that only then can use, encouraging some heavy duty teamwork among everyone involved. How about, regular DLC updates containing loads of new levels much the original Satellaview version, or even better: a Sutte Hakkun Amiibo -- the amount of potential is staggering here folks.

Published Mar. 29th 2017

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