Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC All Upgrades and Unlocks List

Here is a complete list of all upgrades and unlocks in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC.

Minecraft players can unlock and upgrade their weapons in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC in the lab, where each of the eight available upgrades costs 250 gold, although you can try out any of the new weapons in the arena for free. Our guide will provide you with a complete list of all upgrades and unlocks in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC.

All Upgrades and Unlocks in Minecraft x Mega Man

Storm Tornado

This ability is locked behind defeating Storm Eagle. It creates a long, horizontal or vertical tornado that swallows every enemy on its path. It's a truly powerful upgrade especially against a goup of mobs, functioning like an AoE weapon.

Electric Spark

Electric Spark is the trademark weapon of the Spark Mandril boss from Mega Man, but this particular boss doesn't appear in the DLC.

This upgrade allows you to fire a small electrical burst in the direction you're facing. You can set it to firing more than one spark at a time in semi-automatic mode. What's really cool about Electric Spark is that projectiles break into smaller projectiles when they hit a wall.

Boomerang Cutter

Here is one of the most recognizable weapon upgrades in the Mega Man franchise that allows players to fire crescent-shaped boomerangs that cut enemies on their path, then return to the hands of the owner.

Note that this weapon can also be used for grabbing items in the distance, including the life energy of the defeated enemies.

Shotgun Ice

Chill Penguin uses this weapon to fire ice shards that freeze on impact, but this upgrade allows you to do the same against him. Note that upon collision the shards explode into smaller pieces that damage all nearby enemies.

Fire Wave

Fire Wave is another iconic weapon from the Mega Man franchise that shoots a continuous stream of flames. It's a truly powerful upgrade that will allow you to easily defeat the final boss Sigma.

Rolling Shield

Rolling Shield is similar to Armored Armadillo's signature move, where he rolls into a ball and bounces around. A very useful and fun upgrade.

Chameleon Sting

Chameleon Sting is the trademark weapon of Sting Chameleon. It fires a shot that splits into several laser beams. While Chameleon shoots it out of his mouth, you'll be shooting it out of your arms.

Homing Torpedo

This weapon upgrade is particularly useful against the Storm Eagle, who tends to fly around and avoid damage. Once you shoot the homing torpedo, it will home in on the boss for a near-guaranteed hit.

Those are all Mega Man crossover DLC upgrades and unlocks in Minecraft. Be sure to check out the rest of the Minecraft tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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Published Feb. 24th 2023

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