Battlefield 4 Campaign Walkthrough - South China Sea

I take you through one of the most buggy maps of Battlefield 4--South China Sea--because I'm here for you!

South China Sea is the third mission of the Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode, and really the first mission that takes you out to sea to engage in battles on a couple different ships. Unfortunately, this mission is one with a lot of bugs, but can be completed. This is a walkthrough of how to get past some of the more discouraging parts of the South China Sea mission and find those collectible dog tags! For more walkthroughs and guides please visit ChizeloffdaBlock's Guide List.

A quick cut scene starts out the mission, with Garrison talking to a doctor on a ship about the many refugees that you've just brought aboard from the previous mission. 

Finding Irish

Start walking down the hallway towards the light and men working. Just before you reach the men you'll hear a chime. Turn to the right, you'll see the barracks and your first set of dog tags will be at the head of the top bunk on your right.

Head back out the door and towards the working men again. Once you are at that spot, head to the left where you will open the door. Go to the right and down the stairs and open the door at the bottom. Keep going straight until you reach the first door on your left. The debriefing room will be full and no one will talk to you, so just go through the room and keep your compass pointing north--I could go into a bunch of left and right directions, but that would just get confusing! You'll know you're going in the correct direction when you reach the mess hall. Head out the far door and to the right until you meet up with Pac. He will lead you to the medical bay where you will watch Hannah interact with her husband's doctor and be led, once again by Pac, to Irish. 

Meeting Garrison

Follow Pac and Irish to meet up with Captain Garrison. You will then hear an announcement come through and your squad will take you outside to one of the ship's decks. Garrison tells you that Kovic will be leading a search of the sinking USS Titan for intel and any possible survivors. 

Getting to the USS Titan and Locating Hatch G-46

 Kovic will lead you to a RHIB boat. Drive around the right side of the ship until you reach the hole. Get out of the boat and follow your squad. You can find the G-hatches room if you pay attention to the signs on the walls. It's located in the direction the Irish is looking when he stops moving. 

Getting to the DCC

Follow you squad. Literally, this part is more of the same stuff. All you have to do is follow them and the only difference is that you are now under water. Once you reach the room where you will surface, there will be a green glowing door. The second set of dog tags is on the brown pillar to the door's left. 

Escaping the Titan

As you exit the DCC, move into the room full of Chinese soldiers and work your way forward along the right side. Take out the enemies with your grenades and primary weapon. Exit the room as the ship starts to break apart.  

Jump down from the wreckage onto the damaged deck of the ship. Start to fight your way through the waves of enemies until there is no more opposition and then jump into the water and climb into the attack boat.

Getting Back to the Valkyrie

Drive the boat back to the Valkyrie while making sure to kill all the enemy boats along the way. This is where the mission will start to get buggy--you can read about the bugs for this mission here! After taking down several RHIB and Attack Boats you’ll get closer to the Valkyrie. Before you can board the ship you have to take down a lone Attack Helicopter. Once you defeat the helicopter you can then drive up into the ship. 

Getting to the Bridge

When you first enter the Valkyrie you will be met with Chinese soldiers who have boarded the ship. Get into cover and start taking them out. Once the enemies are all killed you will be able to follow Kovic to continue on. Head back outside and lock on to the enemy chopper and take it down with your FM-92 Stinger, which can be found in the gadget stash inside. 

You'll then meet Hannah while fighting in this next battle, which takes place in what looks like a vehicle bay. After Hannah is rescued you'll be taken outside, instead of taking the left, go right until you see a crashed helicopter and in the copilot seat will be the third set of dog tags. Follow the squad outside and continue the fight on the deck of the Valkyrie.

Defending the Valkyrie

Kovic will be wounded from the deck fight. Once you destroys the enemy helicopters make your way back to Kovic to get the information that he recovered. Head up to the bridge and you'll need to take out two remaining enemies. Garrison will meet you at the bridge, which is the end of the mission. 

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Published Nov. 14th 2013
  • ruben_7389
    landing at the beach i can not get aout of the boat
  • cinnamon_7607
    i can't seem to escape from that retard ship. after taking the intel, there's no way to leave that room. every door is closed and w.kovic just seems to pass through the wall like a ghost. is this some weird bug or am i the only one facing it?

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