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While Overwatch's "Play of the Game" feature does a lot to make the game feel more like a competitive sport by adding a "highlights reel" feature, it's known for occasionally being a little off in what it picks. Luckily, this makes for a lot of great parodies, which are a great way to have a laugh while you wait for the game's matchmaking.


While Zenyatta is a great support character, he almost never gets play of the game due to focusing on healing and passive debuffs. When he does, it almost always looks something like this.

Source- heelFLiP249


Lucio is another great support, but not the best offensive character. Despite this, it's hard not to love him for his funky fresh beats and sick moves. If Play of The Game was based on style and rhythm, he'd win every time.

Source- Stepper


D.Va is a character with a ton of potential, both offensive and defensive. Getting play of the game with her is generally a matter of using her ultimate in the right way, however, it's easy to do so as well with just her basic guns.  That said, her MEKA does look a little familiar.  Let's hope it's better with stairs.

Source: welly1992


Everyone's favorite pyromaniac, Junkrat's RIP-Tire ultimate frequently steals the Play of the Game by dealing a ton of damage to the opposing team. Here's a good example of that in action.

Source: HauntedWoW


Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how everyone's favorite Omnic manages to get Play of the Game every time.

Source: MarcMDE


Bastion (Again)

We've already shown you one Bastion Play of the Game, but he wins so many that he gets two entries.

Source: Noah van Cadsand


Another character many consider to be an annoyance, Mei can deal a lot of damage with the help of her robot friend, Snowball.  Here's a great example of her and Snowball in action.

Source: Broby


Genji's Ultimate, Dragonblade, lets him use his sword for massive damage at a close range.  Unfortunately, he tends to look like an idiot while doing so, running around in circles at top speed, swinging at everything he sees.

Source: Matazat


McCree's infamous Deadeye, heralded by his infamous battle cry "It's HIGH NOON" stops enemies in their tracks, and can easily kill any strategy that they might have.  Here's a great example of McCree's ultimate in action.

Source: LowEloDominator


Lastly, here's one of Reinhardt, featuring one of gaming's favorite ranters at work.

Source: Xenogenic

What's your favorite play of the game parody?  Leave a link in the comments!

Published Jun. 3rd 2016


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