Dark Souls comic adaptation due to release in April

Titan Comics has recently acquired the rights to Dark Souls and intends to launch the comic book in time for Dark Souls 3

Despite the fact that it's mostly hidden away, Dark Souls has an amazing story, with rich lore detailing how the worlds of Lordran and Drangleic came to be. Titan Comics seems to agree, as the company has recently acquired the rights to create a comic book based on From Software's brutally difficult RPG series. They plan on launching it in April to tie in with the release of Dark Souls 3.

Rather than recreating the already established stories from the games, the comic, titled Dark Souls, will have an entirely new story that's set in the same universe as the first two games. 

The comic will be written by George Mann, who was the author behind the Dr. Who novels Paradox Lost and Engines of War. It will also be illustrated by Alan Quah, whose previous work includes Godzilla: Awakening and The Vampire Diaries.

Mann stated in the official Titan press release:

"Dark Souls has a rich, original universe that’s just begging to be explored in comics, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to delve in and tell some new stories within it. I’ve been a fan of the games for some time, so it’s a real thrill to be able to contribute to the mythology of the Hollows and their world."

It's not yet known whether this will be part of a series or serve as a one-off edition, but as long as it lives up to the standards set by the Dark Souls games, I think fans will be overjoyed to be able to experience some of the lore without suffering through a thousand painful deaths.  

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Published Jan. 20th 2016

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