Keecker - Play Angry Birds on Surfaces Around the Home or Office

KEECKER's new intelligent, wirelessly connected robot allows hard core Android gamers to play all their favorite games on any surface of the home, office or even their hotel room.

Do you want to play Angry Birds games on the wall in your office or bedroom? Now you can play Angry Birds Rio using KEECKER’s new intelligent, wirelessly connected robot, which allows Android gamers to project their favorite Angry Birds games onto any surface they desire.

You can play Angry Birds Rio anytime you want, using your smartphone as an interface with KEECKER’s new robot. Transforming your home, office, or any space you desire into a gaming center where you can play Android games, like Angry Bird Rio, anytime you want.

KEECKER’s new intelligent system comes with state-of-the-art video projection that allows Android gamers to play Angry Birds games like never before.

"Creating a new dimension between technology, entertainment and our imagination, KEECKER merges the physical and digital worlds for the first time," -- Pierre Lebeau, CEO and founder of KEECKER.

You can even play your favorite Android Angry Birds games on the move, because KEECKER moves with you as you travel around the environment. This allows you and the family to play in any room of the home. Using KEECKER, you and the family can have more fun and enjoy playing Angry Birds games whenever you want. With KEECKER, the only limit on your Angry Birds playtime is your imagination and schedule.


KEECKER's new robot can be seen at work here:


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Published Jan. 7th 2014

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