Legends of Runeterra: Best Cards to Craft From Rising Tides Expansion

Marvelous Midrange

These three cards are already seeing lots of play in Demacian Midrange decks, with very good reason.

Grizzled Ranger

Grizzled Ranger has decent stats and the Scout keyword, plus it summons a Loyal Badgerbear when it dies! This essentially gives you a free attack to force out a block from your opponent before swinging with Badgerbear.  

Loyal Badgerbear

Loyal Badgerbear has a very solid stat line as a 4/4 for 3-mana, which is unprecedented for Legends of Runeterra without card text that gives it a downside. 

Genevieve Elmheart

Genevieve Elmheart is a big combo piece for aggressive Midrange/Scout decks. The +1/+1 buff to your board plus Scout and Challenger keywords makes her extremely potent.

Published Apr. 30th 2020

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