Legends of Runeterra: Best Cards to Craft From Rising Tides Expansion

Staples Cards

These three Bilgewater cards are already staples — versatile cards that are must-includes — in multiple archetypes and show no signs of being replaced. They're also all Common rarity, so they're cheap to craft!

Hired Gun

Hired Gun has a nice health stat of 3, with a valuable effect of granting the Strongest enemy the Vulnerable keyword. 

Dreadway Deckhand

Dreadway Deckhand is the cheapest way of quickly summoning Powder Kegs to increase your damage effects, while also functioning as a psuedo-House Spider (they both summon two bodies for 2 mana, which can be useful to slow down Aggro decks.)

Make It Rain

Make It Rain is just a versatile damage spell that can pick off low-health units. When combined with a Powder Keg, it can be really obscene — and it even activates Ezreal's target triggers!

Published Apr. 30th 2020

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