Pro Riders Snowboard Sports Video Game Coming to Apple Store

Pro Riders Snowboard is a new video game by VTree Entertainment, which challenges gamers to do amazing tricks and jumps on snow covered slopes. Time to hit the slopes!

VTree Entertainment recently announced their latest sports video game Pro Riders Snowboard is available at the Apple Store. You can check out this new video game and get in the snowboarding fun here.

Pro Riders Snowboard challenges gamers to complete tough and challenging snowboard tricks and jumps, on 3 incredible deep-snow courses, packed with visually stunning snowcapped mountain slopes. You can take to the slopes with family or friends, have fun and be entertained, playing VTree Entertainment's newest sports video game in the comfort of your living room. Gamers that love virtual sports can show the world they're one of the best snowboarders around.

Sports video game gurus need to unlock new tricks and jumps, by playing through 3 levels of difficulty, to become the best on the slopes. Challenge friends, family and other sports video game gurus to beat your top score. Time to show off and let your achievements on the slopes turn you into a champion snowboarder.

Check out Pro Riders Snowboard and hit the slopes. You could be the next Scott Stevens.


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Published Mar. 17th 2014

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