Steam Adds Refunds For Pre-Orders

Finally, Valve has enabled the option to get refunds...for non-released games that you pre-order.

We all know and have complained about the fact that Valve doesn’t refund money…they simply don’t. I, myself, have gone through the process when something doesn’t go as expected and in which I’ve unfortunatley had to contact Steam Support. That is a tedious task, and if you have the slightest idea of how technical support works, you know you will end up disappointed.

Well, surprisingly and without any notice, Valve added a new feature to Steam, which allows users to request a full refund of their money from unreleased or pre-ordered games.

It seems like there’s no need to contact anyone whenever you need to get a refund for a pre-ordered/unreleased game that you paid for, all you need to do is go to your Steam account and search for the game you want a refund from, and so you’ll see that a “Refund This Item”button is underneath the price of said game, so you click on it and you should be receiving a refund.

When it comes to the refund money itself, it gets to your Steam Wallet, for you to use it within the Steam system, being it on games, DLC, or software.

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Published Jan. 26th 2014

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