Resident Evil Village: Bell Puzzle in the Atelier Solution

You'll run into the Atelier 5 bells puzzle about two-thirds of the way through Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. Here's how to solve it.

As you'd expect from a game in Capcom's long-reaching survival horror series, there are many puzzles to solve in Resident Evil Village. One of those is found in the Atelier of Castle Dimitrescu, and involves hunting down 5 hidden bells. Here's how to solve it. 


When you reach this room in the castle, you'll find a note on the half-finished painting on the easel. The note advises you to let all five bells ring at once. Thankfully, it doesn't require you to keep them all ringing simultaneously; any bell you stab or shoot comes with a handy torch on top of it, which will light once you've landed the hit. If you need ammunition, there are handgun rounds inside the display case.


This may take you a bit of time to figure out. If you just can't find the last one, though, here's a list.


Resident Evil Village 5 Bells Puzzle Guide

Bell #1

This is a gimme. It's in plain sight near the short staircase.



Bell #2

On top of the glass display case, where it's barely visible from the floor.



Bell #3

On a pendulum in the clockwork machinery that's visible through a hole in the nearby wall. It's easiest to shoot when it's at the leftmost point in its arc.



Bell #4

Go up the short staircase and look out the skylight. Shoot one round to break the glass, and another to ring the bell in the distant clock tower.



Bell #5

From where you found Bell #4, fire another round at the chandelier to get it swinging, then peg the well-hidden bell on top of it with a second bullet.



Presto: you're out of here. This castle might have more secret passages than normal hallways.


By the time you've reached the Atelier, and solve the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle, you're most of the way through the first major area. You aren't out of the woods yet, but at least this is one puzzle over and done with. Keep an eye on our Resident Evil Village hub for more guides and tips, as well as our eventual review.


Published May. 26th 2021

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