Fallout 4: The 5 Best Settlements (so far)

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Fallout 4 is awesome. It's an incredible game with tons of quests, great characters, beautiful/insane world - a game that we deemed a masterpiece and in a league of its own. The game would still be a masterpiece if that was all that it included but it has a small little feature that a couple of people are enjoying. That feature is settlement building.

Building your own settlement in Fallout 4 has turned out to be perhaps the best new feature and the biggest surprise of the entire game. This mechanic has taken the gaming world by storm and there is even a subreddit dedicated to showing off your very own settlements. The five settlements you are about to check out in this slideshow were taken from that Reddit page, as well as the Kinda Funny PS4 community.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of awe-inspiring settlements created in Fallout 4 already. Seeing what gamers have managed to create in less than a week is truly incredible. If you've dabbled in the settlement building, get ready to feel pitiful, if you haven't dabbled, prepare to be daunted.

Published Nov. 16th 2015
  • Derek _7056
    Just gonna say my settlement is better than everyone's. I have a actual basketball arena, a castle, a moat, a hotel, a club, a nazi incinerator, an armory, a Walmart, a diner, a movie theater, tree house, dispensary, farm, and a couple smaller buildings. All made on PS4. I also have about 5-10 20x20 lightboxes are pieces ranging from ghouls, weed leaf, Mac Apple, etc. I honestly would be embarrassed if mine were even ranked among these scum settlements. Feel free to email me for pictures.
  • Midgetslayer1992
    These are great I have a few of my own that I'm pretty proud of, feel free to tell me what you think, they are all made on PS4 with no mods!
  • Curtis Dillon
    Wow! That's impressive, I can say from experience because I know how painstaking it can be to place things on shelves and tables. Well done, you clearly worked hard on that

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