Top 5 most unappreciated games of last generation

5. Duke Nukem Forever

There is no denying that Duke Nukem Forever was not a great game. It had its issues such as long loading times, graphical glitches, dated graphics, bad level design, and it just tried too hard to be controversial. The reason I defend it is that from a game that had a development hell of thirteen years - was Duke Nukem Forever, ever going to be a great game?

Despite it's obvious issues it nevertheless caught the essence of Duke Nukem beautifully and it was great to take on the role of the '90s-style, over the top, egotistic, one liner, action hero after so many years without a Duke Nukem first person shooter. Upon release, Duke Nukem Forever received an average score of 50% or below. The game sold only 376,300 units upon its first month of release, half the initial expectations of the developer and publisher.


Published Nov. 2nd 2015

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