Top 5 most unappreciated games of last generation

3. Lost Odyssey

It bewilders me as to why Lost Odyssey was such an unappreciated game. It has one of the most wonderful stories of any game and a beautiful world to go with it. I admit it's combat system and mechanics was somewhat dated by general RPG standards of its time and at times felt a bit stale, never the less it was a most enjoyable and original IP.

If there was ever a game I would love to have a remake for this video game generation, Lost Odyssey would be it. Despite being a good game and highly praised by critics, it didn't sell very well by typical AAA standards. It sold only 104,417 units in Japan as of 17th February 2008, several months after its release, and sold only 348,000 units in America by 2009.


Published Nov. 2nd 2015

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