Injustice: Gods Among Us - Patch 1.06 coming October 1st

NetherRealms announces the full list of 1.06 Injustice fixes.

NetherRealm Studios has posted the list of updates, fixes and bug patches for their best-selling Injustice: Gods Among Us game.

It appears from quick glance, that a LOT of issues have been addressed and there are many items to answer disgruntled player's pleas.

For example, an Online Instant Rematch now has the option for players to change their fighter or the arena before restarting. Interactive Objects now have a sound cue option to let players know they are within range. Oh, and the Throw Immunity is gone. So, you can still be grabbed and tossed, even if throwing a projectile yourself.

Some Home Improvement

Several of the arenas, including Metropolis Rooftop, Insurgency Command Center, Insurgency Luthor's Lab and the Fortress of Solitude had some interactive objects fixed along with some minor issues.


Pretty much every character in the roster is seeing some type of tweak. Most of the changes were in response to complaints about imbalance between the various fighters. Several were relegated to a 'lower tier' due to these issues. But, NetherRealms and DC appears to have taken this issue very seriously.

A number of special moves now have longer recovery times. And several Block Advantages have been turned downward.

This includes the Mortal Kombat character Scorpion, who many players felt was very over-powered and threw off the curve. So much so, in fact, that people petitioned to not allow Scorpion to be used in tournament play.

Some of the things that were addressed in Patch 1.06:

  • Ares' Warp Transmission moves have improved distances and recovery time.
  • Bane's Venom Boost lowers damage taken up to 70%.
  • Black Adam's Orbs of Seth has been cranked down.
  • Hawk Girl's Mace Charge can't be dodged anymore. You gotta' block.
  • Lobo has had several attacks increased in damage and speed.
  • Scorpion's combos should no longer double in damage.
  • Zatanna's Multi-Kick or Fire Kiss can't be dodged anymore but an issue allowing her to perform an endless combo on bigger guys has been fixed.

The Bottom Line

There are just too many items to run-down here, so check it out yourself HERE.

The patch goes live on October 1st. Keep in mind that these are console upgrades. These changes do NOT apply to iOS version of Injustice.

Published Sep. 24th 2013

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