5 Indie Games You Should Get Hyped for in 2017

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So, 2016 is ending soon and 2017 is on its way, which means a whole new year of new games, new consoles and new conventions.

Rather than looking at the most anticipated games of 2017 -- be it FPS, Horror, or mobile -- and repeating the same games over and over again, we’ve chosen to find games released next year from independent development studios.

We think it’s really important that indie developers have the opportunity to present their games and are able to highlight just how good they really are -- hopefully becoming hidden gems that will be available to purchase. We just can’t wait for these!

Abandon Ship

This is a game developed by Fireblade Software. Players will take command of a ship and its crew whilst exploring a diverse, procedurally generated world and engage enemies in tactical combat.

Set within the Age of Sails, the appearance of this game is stunning, as the illustrations are reminiscent of classic naval oil paintings. The fantasy world of the game is reactive to players’ actions and quests and these may change the game mechanics. These decisions may help or hinder the player at a later point.

Combat will be tactical, using all advantages and tools at the player’s disposal to ensure success. Even if the ship is destroyed during battle, if the captain remains, there is hope. Captains can escape to life boats or even be stranded on the water and then must fight to survive.

Get yourself updated on this game on Steam.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

If The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle hold fond memories, then The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is definitely a game to check out. This game is a 2D point and click adventure game, with a fantastic sprawling universe to explore. All this, with a massive dose of humour too!

Play as one of five renegade audio scientists attempting to save Woolley Mountain from a dark and malevolent witch. These characters meet up in a time travelling submarine and search from island to island to hunt down the witch. Characters are very unique, fun and balanced with positive and negative traits. For example, Van Damme wishes to explore the link between science and mysticism, but everybody else thinks he’s lazy -- and he is!

The adventure interface features 4 unique interactions: talk with others and pick up, use and examine everything around you for the purpose of exploration and investigation to solve puzzles. But when picking up objects and moving them, players may be told by protagonist Garland ‘put that back where it belongs’!

The world is very colourful and so are the characters players meet along the way. These include beasts, automatons and rope men. The style is quintessentially English, with a steampunk twist.

Follow the game's release journey now it's been Greenlit on Steam but is set to be released in October 2017.

Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime

This looks like a truly special game, created by Spiritus Games .

The game is a 2D action RPG set in space, in a medieval folktale inspired fantasy universe. Players assume the role of a young knight who decides to set off on an adventure in their trusty spaceship. They need to manage and upgrade their ship, while constantly engaging in combat. Once the character has leveled up through a myriad of encounters, the knight will be faced with the villainous League of the Black Knights, who are terrorising the realm.

It is an interesting mixture of gaming genres that creates a retro-surrealist world. The retro style pixelated visuals look intriguing and the clash of artistry between the Middle Ages and the dystopian future, means a knight wearing a spacesuit is entirely possible!

Follow the star map that yields special events and encounters. Choose a character, including Alchemist or Assassin and players are ready to experience new worlds, interesting locations and new dimensions. The game is due out in late 2017.

Get updates from the developers on the official website.

Mr. Shifty

Mr. Shifty, developed by Team Shifty and tinyBuild, is an action adventure game where the protagonist moves from room to room and enemies in those rooms charge at players, killing them with a single shot.

The game focuses on combat puzzles. While players may initially feel that they should move with patience and care, when characters can warp-dash through walls, that won’t be a problem. This allows for a great freedom of motion so enemies can be evaded. Also, with their fast movement, the characters can trick the enemies into firing into walls!

The game involves the titular character, Mr. Shifty, breaking into the world’s most secure facility via teleportation. Players will need to use distraction, stealth or trickery to evade enemies and rely on smarts, as enemies try to outsmart Mr. Shifty.

The whole visual game is such a treat, as it resembles early Zelda games. It’s a game that doesn’t allow the character to be too powerful, but instead, reliant on a little recklessness, but hey, that’s half the fun.

Follow the game's progress on Steam.

Unforeseen Incidents

This is a humorous point and click mystery adventure game, set in a beautiful hand painted 2D world.

In a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a deadly virus, Harper receives a radio message, informing him that ‘they are coming’ and sets out to find out who 'they' are. On this journey, protagonist Harper explores intriguing locations and encounters interesting characters along the way. He also uncovers conspiratorial dark secrets behind an ongoing catastrophe that threatens the whole of humanity.

What is so different in this game, is the sketched style artwork, it is unusual, very atmospheric and stands out from other games. The game provides a unique and modern twist on a 90s style adventure game and provides much nostalgia and reminiscence as a result.

Follow the game's journey now its been Greenlit on Steam.

Wow, there really are some fantastic indie games due out next year. It really does sound like it’s going to be a great year for indie games. These 5 in particular really have stood out amongst the rest and provide something truly new and different for gamers. We very much look forward to playing them and hope you do too.

Let us know in the comments what games from the list have most interested you and any other indie games you look forward to playing in 2017.

Published Dec. 7th 2016



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