New Mobile Game DragonVale World Available on Android and iOS

Backflip Studios reveal new game, DragonVale World, learn more of it here.

Backflip Studios, creators of DragonVale, have just announced DragonVale's sequel. Called DragonVale World.

The new game has better graphics and animations, more than a hundred new dragons, and overall seems to be an enhanced version of the previous one.

The Basic gameplay is unchanged however, and the game has still kept the usual formula about breeding and collecting dragons; adding to it some quirks like the ability to customize a dragon's appearance.

The upcoming game has been announced by Backflip in a youtube trailer (see header). DragonVale World is free to play, as with the previous game, financed by in-app purchases, a rather effective marketing strategy as of late.

DragonVale in fact is one of the most downloaded mobile games of the last few years, giving the sequel a huge fanbase to start from.

If the sequel is able to capitalize on what made DragonVale successful -- its addictiveness and its huge amount of cutesy dragons-- it is reasonable to expect the game will be well liked by fans of the series and of the genre.

DragonVale World Official Site

DragonVale World on the Google Play Store and on iTunes.


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Published Nov. 4th 2016

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