FFXIV 2.1 Patch Download Available Now!

The 2.1 patch is up and available for download!

Server maintenance may not be over just yet, but the Final Fantasy XIV 2.1 patch is available for download via the launcher right now.

The 2.1 patch, dubbed A Realm Awoken, is Final Fantasy XIV first big patch since its relaunch in August. With it comes a big chunk of new PVE content, the game's first taste of PVP, player housing, new mounts and minions, and something for level 50 players to do other than grind tomes and craft. Finally.

If you're not quite up to date with what's coming in the 2.1 patch, be sure to check out the patch notes on the Lodestone. New items, new battles, new instances, and more await!

The maintenance notification mentioned the servers will be coming back up sometime today, with the latest time being 12AM PST/3AM EST. While you can log in and get your download all finished right now, you will have to do as much waiting as the rest of us to finally get in.

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Published Dec. 16th 2013

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