10 Final Fantasy Weapons We Wish Were in Other RPGs

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Edgar's Chainsaw

Edgar is the King of Figaro's Castle and a member of the protagonist's group in Final Fantasy VI. He uses all sorts of tools as weapons during battle, and the most badass one is the chainsaw. This weapon is usually found in the horror genre, making it a surprising choice for an RPG -- especially Final Fantasy.

As always, FF manages to present new kinds of weapons or pre-existing tools in original and novel ways. We think we can all agree that we need more chainsaws in RPGs, or any kind of threatening machine for the matter.

And this is the last of the coolest Final Fantasy weapons we wish were in other RPGs. And as many modern role-playing titles got inspired by this fantastic series -- especially the earlier installments -- it's sad to see that the weapons of FF haven't had a bigger impact on RPGs as a whole.  

What do you think of these weapons? Did you miss one on the list? Tell me on your comments below!

Published Nov. 25th 2016

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