10 Final Fantasy Weapons We Wish Were in Other RPGs

Serah's Bow-Sword

Another great fusion of weapons is this Bow-Sword, which belongs to Serah, Lightning's sister and one of the two main characters in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The weapon can change from a modern-looking bow to a thin saber and vice-versa with ease, which allows Serah to adapt to different combat situations on the fly.

Side Note: The Bow-Sword is actually a Moguri called Mog, which accompanies Serah and Noel, the other protagonist, throughout the game, which is pretty neat.

As you can see, the concept of this weapon is similar to the Gunblade. It is also a unique object, never seen before in any game we can think of. We are all in favor of merging weapons, resulting in cool designs and original concepts.

Published Nov. 25th 2016

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