Red Hook Teases Darkest Dungeon on the Switch

Red Hook posted a tweet showing the game running on the Switch, but no release date or any other details were provided.

The Nintendo Switch lineup has been receiving several boosts here lately, some of which are raising more eyebrows than others. That trend continues with the latest announcement -- one that will surely be pleasing to fans of dungeon crawlers who felt let down by Has-Been Heroes

In a surprise tweet, developer Red Hook Studios teased that its sleeper hit, Darkest Dungeon, will soon be running on the Nintendo Switch. The tweet shows a battle scene playing out, before slowly zooming out to reveal the console itself. 

Darkest Dungeon is an innovative twist on the rouge-like dungeon crawler genre. It combines turn-based battles and exploration with an emphasis on the "psychological stresses of adventuring." Alongside battling "diabolical" monsters, players must fight paranoia and fear (among several other psychological maladies) as they descend further into the dungeon and attempt to stop the flood of darkness from creeping ever further over their family's lands.

The game includes 16 character classes, such as Plague Doctor and Leper, with additional ones planned for later updates. Resting at taverns or inns can reduce the shock felt by your party members, and camping helps heal physical wounds. The game also boasts hand-drawn graphics, a difficult mechanic—including permadeath—and procedurally generated dungeons.

Red Hook has nothing to say at this time regarding a Switch release date.

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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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