Game Of Thrones Conquest Tips and Strategy Guide

Yes, you've played this GoT time waster before, but there's a few changes to the gameplay you need to know before attempting to take the iron throne!

We all knew it was going to happen: the time-wasting, tap-happy, timer-battling mobile edition of Westeros has arrived for Android and iOS!

After the success of titles like Game Of War and Mobile Strike, it was no question anything branded with a popular franchise would get their own iteration, from Call Of Duty to Futurama, and now, of course, Game Of Thrones.

If you couldn't tell from the screenshots or trailer, this is literally any of a hundred other games of the exact same style with a George R.R. Martin coat of paint slapped on. While i'ts sort of weird that HBO would give out their coveted property for such a by-the-numbers freemium title, I'm sure it makes some (Sean) bean counter happy in the accounting department from all the microtransactions this game uses.

While there's probably never going to be a legitimately awesome GoT strategy title or RPG, at least we got the halfway decent Telltale series? I mean, it could be worse: this could be like Games Workshop freely tossing the Warhammer license to absolutely any untested mobile developer who so much as glances their general direction...

Get ready to pull out your wallet to speed up timers so that you can immediately run into even longer timers! Or you could follow our Game Of Thrones: Conquest tips and tricks here to avoid laying down the cash while building a digital empire based on incest, dwarf advisers, and weddings you really want to avoid attending.

Game Of Thrones Conquest Basics

The game's introduction holds your hand through the basics of building structures and waiting out timers to harvest food, wood, and gold. There are a few elements that are different from your standard Clash Of Clans building and battling game you need to watch out for, however.

First up is the peace shield -- there's no 48 hours of uninterrupted protection for you freemium strategy weenies like in the typical mobile game. You get a measly eight hours before other players can annihilate your kingdom, so use 'em wisely and upgrade as much as you can.

Of course, upgrading and training means timers. As far as I'm concerned, if you spend gold to reduce timers in a freemium mobile game, then the terrorists win, damn it! Be a man, have a little patience, and outwait those insidious developers who are counting on your short attention span to make a quick buck.

Quests And Upgrades

To keep your kingdom viable and updated without spending money, you need to be strategic in how you upgrade.

In general, only upgrade things like sawmills and farms when they are part of a daily quest, as you'll get more reward that way. If you get low on resources, send out your soldiers to gather them when you don't plan on being online. You can also attack AI enemies to get extra resources when necessary.

While gold is scarce, you can earn special timer speed-ups through quests, so save these for when there's a monster timer ahead and you need an upgrade quick.

You also get special rewards every four, six, eight, ten completed quests, so keep an eye on Tyrion to make sure you are always working towards quest completion.

Some of the special items can be temporary new peace shields for set amounts of time. With a horde of these, you can keep yourself protected from other predatory players.

From there, just follow the game's prompts, as it holds your hand pretty well for several hours of gameplay and always notifies you of what needs to be built next.

If you are familiar with this type of game at all, the tactics remain the same -- scout your enemy before attacking, join an Allegiance as soon as possible because there's strength in numbers, and upgrade the rarer troop types so you have an edge in battle.

With those tips in mind, you should be on your way to a seat on the (very uncomfortable) iron throne. Probably don't listen to anything Peter Baelish or Cersei Lannister tell you while you sit there, though. 

Have any other Game Of Thrones Conquest cheats or strategies we should try out to beat the timers and annihilate other players? Let us know your tips in the comments below!

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Published Oct. 20th 2017

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