Video: KojiPro Mascot gets a short "logo movie" featuring space whales

Kojima Production's YouTube channel debuts a "Logo Movie" of the team's mascot, LUDENS.

Hideo Kojima's current development team Kojima Productions (abbreviated as "KojiPro") released a new video on its YouTube channel starring the team's mascot, LUDENS.

LUDENS was first revealed as the KojiPro logo as a skull encased in an elaborate spartan-like helmet. Now we have a full body animated view of LUDENS, (which we now know the skull is actually a mask) along with some accompanying space whales.

You can view the KojiPro "logo movie" here:


Picture of LUDENS from Kojima's Twitter:

The Kojima Productions mascot has has a huge variety of released visuals and upcoming merchandise.

For example, here's a short list of various action figures in progress for LUDENS, all from Kojima's twitter account (in no particular order):

What are your thoughts on mascot LUDENS? Would you like to see this short clip as the intro for Kojima Productions games? Please leave a comment below!


Published Jul. 25th 2016

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