Dark Souls subreddit organizes mass replay of Dark Souls 1

The Dark Souls community is coming together to play through Dark Souls 1 again. Now's your

Organized by the Dark Souls subreddit, Global Restart Day has come upon us. That means there is a mass movement to get the Dark Souls communities up and running again, mostly as an opportunity to let newcomers and nostalgic veterans to experience the original game again.

Dark Souls is fun enough on its own, and I've played through the various Soulsborne games solo when lacking internet. But they start to lack something whenever the next game comes out. There's no thrill of the hunt from being invaded. There's no jolly cooperation from phantoms. Alvina's Forest Hunters are gone, changing the once harrowing zone into a quiet jog through the woods.

So if you've ever wanted to experience Dark Souls, take this opportunity. And if you feel like playing through it again, here's a great chance to remember the start of the Dark Souls series. You can visit the Dark Souls subreddit if you'd like to participate.

For newcomers, let me be the first to say "Welcome to Dark Souls"! And don't worry if you're coming a little bit late. This event is not just for one day. It's just a bunch of people starting new playthroughs together. This will probably be going on for a while.

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Published Jun. 10th 2016

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