PlayStation Camera in Short Supply, So "Please Be Patient"

If you're still looking for the PlayStation Camera, you're not the only one.

The PlayStation Camera is in high demand and retailers are having difficulty keeping it in stock.

Sony has acknowledged the problem, though. Sony's support engineer Chris Norden said during the Game Developers Conference that the PlayStation 4 camera is "severely supply constrained."

He admitted that Sony underestimated the demand for the peripheral, which is why it's so hard to find right now. The attach rate is probably higher than anticipated, too, as the Camera currently holds a 15 percent attach rate. With over 6 million PS4s sold to date, that translates to about 900,000 unit sales for the PS4's camera. Norden asked consumers to "please be patient" while the company attempts to replenish supply.

The Camera retails for $60 and doesn't come with the system. Microsoft's Kinect does come packaged with the Xbox One, but the package is $100 more. That is proving to be a stumbling block, though, which is why we're hearing reports of cheaper Xbox One versions on the horizon. Perhaps by the holidays...?

Do you use or want that Camera?

It's a peripheral I basically never use, but I think I can understand its popularity. Do you use the Camera a lot? If you don't have it, do you want one? I guess you could delve into The Playroom if you've got children, and it's great for social media and all, I just want to play games.

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Published Mar. 20th 2014
  • Lauren Puga
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    I want one for streaming but that's about it. I'll probably pick one up when they're available again.

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