Play as Moby Dick in new game Pequod; hunt down Captain Ahab

You might expect a game based on Moby Dick to let your play as Captain Ahab. As far as Pequod is concerned, you'd be wrong.

Although there are some similarities to Death Worm, I've never seen a game like Pequod before. It's a procedurally-generated action game with racing and RPG elements in which you become a literary legend. In this Bearmancer title, you control Mobias: a white whale trying to survive Captain Ahab's attacks.

Before you can kill the obsessive seaman once and for all, you must destroy the various ships coming to hunt you down.

Purchase upgrades to Mobias' standard belly-flop attacks - including frickin' laser beams - and level your stats to ensure victory against cannonballs, airships, submarines, and the Pequod itself.

Released July 17th, Pequod is available on a name-your-own-price basis at If current reviews are to be trusted, the game features plenty of content and audience engagement. Additionally, Nick Barr of Bearmancer has expressed an interest in releasing future updates to the title. 

If this doesn't end up in high school English classes, what game will?

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Published Jul. 24th 2015

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