Square releases a teaser for a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV

Square is going to be busy this week, with new trailers and an Active Time Report.

Square Enix has recently released a very short teaser for a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. It seems that a new trailer called “Dawn” will be debuting tonight in Japan and will be premiering in the West at 11 p.m PT/ 2:00 a.m ET/ tomorrow at 8 a.m CEST.

Teaser Gif

This trailer is expertly timed seeing as Square Enix will be hosting its latest Active Time Report at 9 a.m PT/12 p.m ET/ 6 p.m CEST which will be live streamed on Twitch. It is good to see that we will hopefully be getting more information about the mysterious world of FF XV.

It is possible that this Active Time Report also might give us a hint about the rumored existence of a Final Fantasy XII remake, which has been heavily debated over the past week or so.

So, any opinions or hopes about Final Fantasy XIV or the rumored FF XII remake? Leave a comment and as always for all your video game news and articles stay tuned to GameSkinny.com.


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Published Aug. 4th 2015

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