FlapMMO Turns the Flappy Bird Experience Up to 11

Trying to fill the hole that Flappy Bird left in your heart? Try out FlapMMO.

Ever since the surprise removal of Flappy Bird, game makers everywhere have tried their hand at making clones in order to steal old fans and create new ones. Most of these games are nothing more than shameless ripoffs, but one stands out with a unique twist: FlapMMO.

FlapMMO improves on the original game by pitting you against other live players. You can see ghost-like sillouhettes of their playthrough while you try your best to outlast them. How many players, distance, and score are all tracked, as well.

This FlappyMMO is so popular that as of writing this, there are currently 1014 players on the server I'm playing on.

The best part of this Flappy Bird clone is that it is absolutely free. There isn't even a signup required. The only possible annoyance in playing this is that there is an ad at the bottom of the screen.

Show off how much of a FlapMMO pro you are in the comments section. What's your highest score? Mine is four. I bet you can't beat that.

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Published Feb. 13th 2014
  • sV_Joey
    how do you play flapmmo can someone tell me
  • yusufemre
    the picture is like omfg i like it a little but ah forget it im tired of this bullshit
  • sV_Joey
    yo do you know how to play flapmmo?
  • yusufemre
    really trust me oh one more thing where are you guys you guys are not talking?
  • yusufemre
    it is right becuase theres a bunch of flappy birds and dieing flappy birds but i think does are
  • yusufemre
    and my name is: yusuf and im 27 years old
  • Samuel F
    Featured Contributor
    Haha! I love it, I'm not one to like clones but at least this is thinking more outside the box than most.
  • Lauren Puga
    Featured Columnist
    Oh my god that picture is so funny

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