Mega Man Creator Working On New Game Azure Striker: Gunvolt

New game coming from creator of Mega Man

Keiji Inafune, creator of the Mega Man series, has announced that he will be working with Japanese studio, Inti Creates (Mega Man 9, Mega Man Zero), on a new game entitled Azure Striker: Gunvolt.

Azure Striker: Gunvolt is a 2D side-scrolling action game set in a dystopian future. The hero, Gunvolt, is given the order to assassinate a pop star named Lumen for the Sumeragi Group.

When he learns that Lumen is actually an avatar for a psychic girl named Joule, he refuses, and then goes on the run from the Sumeragi Group, which includes powerful psychic beings. Gunvolt has lightning-based powers, and it seems he will gain more powers as the game progresses. The game has been set for release on the 3DS eShop in Japan this summer. There is no confirmed US release date as of yet.

Keiji Inafune is also currently working on a Mega Man spiritual successor entitled Mighty No. 9. The game bears a remarkable resemblance to Mega Man, and is funded entirely by Kickstarter. There is no official release date as of yet. As Inafune is also consulting on other projects such as Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, he seems to have a lot on his plate right now.


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Published Mar. 7th 2014

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