Which Platform Should You Play Zero Time Dilemma On? Let's Compare!

The real dilemma is picking which system to play on. Watch these videos to find which one is right for you.

The long-awaited ending to the Zero Escape series releases in less than two weeks, and, if you're a fan of the series, you're probably wondering what platform to buy it on.  Like Virtues Last Reward before it, Zero Time Dilemma will release on both the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. Unlike it's predecessor, however, Zero Time Dilemma will also be released on Steam, letting PC gamers experience the series for the first time.  

If you're still not sure which system to play it on, Aksys Games, the team behind Zero Escape's localization, has released a series of videos showing what one of the game's cutscenes (in Japanese with no subtitles, sadly) looks like across all systems, so you can see how it looks on each one.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the PC release is the best looking out of the three, with the smoothest (though still fairly choppy) animation and the most detailed shading and textures.  Sadly, PC gamers will have to wait an extra two days for the game to release: it comes out on June 30th.  Impatient fans will probably want to trade superior visuals for a quicker release.

The PS Vita release, while slightly downgraded, is still very impressive for a handheld system.  The shading is still very nice -- and if you can ignore one or two characters very dead looking eyes, it's still a very pretty game, and the visual downgrade isn't immediately apparent.  If you're dead set on having Zero Time Dilemma on handheld, or just don't want to wait the extra two days for the PC release, the Vita version is the way to go.

Last, and definitely least, the 3DS version.  It's obvious that, even firing on all cylinders, the 3DS can't handle the same visuals as the PC or even the Vita, and as such this version has blurry textures and almost no shading.  While it's by no means an ugly game, and one could argue it's better looking than Virtues Last Reward, I would suggest only picking up a copy of the 3DS version if you can't get it on Vita and really, really don't want to wait for the PC release.

Which version of Zero Time Dilemma will you be playing?  Let us know in the comments!


Published Jun. 18th 2016

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