A Beautiful Introduction Video for Valkyria Revolution's Royal Princess

Sega has finally released the introduction trailer for Valkyria Revolution's heroine, the princess of the Jutland Kingdom. Watch her regal poise and beautiful voice.

It has been quite some time since we first saw the Royal Princess during Valkyria Revolution's introduction trailer, and now Sega has finally released the introduction trailer for Valkyria Revolution's main heroine, named Ophelia Augusta Jutlan.

She is the princess of Jutland, and is capable of utilizing Song Magic. She is also a member of Jutland's elite Anti-Valkyria unit, known as Vanargand. In combat she didn't lose the gracefulness of a princess as she makes good use of her blue-glowing sword.

As previously reported, you will play as Amleth, leading the Vanargand against Rus Empire's Four Commanders. You will lead the Vanargand in a musou-like gameplay. Players will able to customize the character's skills and equipments during the course of the game. A demo is also available and there will be a bonus for players who complete the demo.

You can also utilize Magic Arts, a magical power originated from azure magical mineral named Ragnite. In the game's setting, Magic Arts brought various blessings to mankind. Heralding an industrial "Azure Revolution" that allowed everyone to use the art.

The game will use what is called a "Gouache" visual engine, depicting a new painting-style visual similar to it's spiritual predecessor, Valkyria Chronicles. This visual engine is only realized as a result of PS4's high specifications, showing shaders characterized by detail, vividness, and unique use of color.

Valkyria Revolution is scheduled to see Japanese gamers on January 19 on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. The US version will be available on the second quarter of 2017, with the additional release on Xbox One.


Published Dec. 30th 2016

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