Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Tip - Surviving The Old Bots

There's some luck involved to surviving Freddy's 2, but you've got to be fast.

Whether you've played or just watched Five Nights at Freddy's 2 streams, you've witnessed just how frustrating it can be to deal with the old bots. They tend to be more aggressive than the new batch, and surviving them definitely more tricky.

So how are you supposed to deal with the old bots? Putting your mask up seems to get you killed, shining the light on them gets you killed, and looking at the cameras gets you killed, so.. what gives?

The trick is more simple than you might think:

You need to put the mask up immediately, with no hesitation. If you hesitate, you are dead. Do not take it off until the lights finish flashing and return to their normal brightness.

One big thing to get into the habit of is to switch to the mask immediately after looking at the cameras. This is especially important as you enter nights 5 and 6, which are ruthless. This takes some practice, but will keep you safe more often than not as the game ramps up in difficulty.

Now, some people claim to have issues even when doing this. Here are a couple things to note:

  • If you know an old bot is coming, wind up the music box a bit before they get to you so you have time to sit in the mask.
  • I do mean you have to put the mask on fast.
  • Don't look at the cameras for too long if you know or think the old bots are around.
  • If you're putting the mask on as quickly as you can (in most instances), try to wait until the lights are completely back to normal before taking it off.

A lot of this is situational, but keep the above in mind. You'll get it down with enough practice! But do be warned: Sometimes luck is just not on your side, and you will get killed (such as when you're looking at the cameras and don't notice a bot until it's too late).

Don't let the scares get to you, just try and try again!

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Published Nov. 13th 2014
  • E_3718
    I was recording this game and stumbled upon Bonnie and this helped, thanks kind sir!
  • Joed_2952
    scared me
  • Fnaf pro
    When I leave the mask on during night 5 fnaf 2 old Bonnie keeps getting me
  • Fnaf_ the.bite.of_1987
    How do you stop ballon boy from jumpscaring you cause the mask doesn't seem to work on him!
  • Freddy Fazbear _1974
    So... Your liking the newer models eh? Where's my love? And chica, Bonnie and foxy?
  • demo man
    thx for the tips but i have a question when 2 or 3 am we saw a bot on the upper right of the screen but when we new game it its gone and last question how meany nights do i really need to survive i know its five but others of my friend has reach night 6,78,9,10 why?
  • Fnaf player
    Stop Foxy by flashing the light in his Eyes. He will eventually go away.
  • Fnaf player
    Hey I am on custom night and I have beaten everything except Fazbear Fever and Golden Freddy challenge. I know a lot just ask and I could probably answer it so please ask.
  • darkiana the wolf
    Tip is helpful but I got killed by foxy,how do you stop him from "killing you"?
  • Fnaf player
    Flash your flashlight in his eyes but not super fast. He will eventually go away. Let me know if you need any more tips I am on custom night and just need to beat Fazbear Fever and Golden Freddy Challange.
  • Campy kitty
    How has seen the creepy black figure
  • Extreme Cookie
    I've also seen in the trailer when old bonnie is on the floor there a picture drawn on the wall that shows a black skinny thing pops out of a present.
  • Extreme Cookie
    I I'm not sure if I saw right but in night two I immediatly muted the phone guy switched the camera to kids cove got off and I think I saw like a black skinny figure with two white eyes and a blank white smile in the left side of the office after that just switched the cameras quickly to something else and went back and he was gone.
  • darkiana the wolf
  • Mike_8901
    Thanks for this. It answers my question.
  • Arcyne_9374
    Awesome man, as soon as i read this they stopped being a problem. Thanks for the tips

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