Terraria 1.2 Update Bringing at Least 1,000 New Items

With so many additions to the game, Terraria 1.2 can't come soon enough.

Information on the upcoming Terraria PC update is scarce, but those little morsels we get are nice and tasty. Redigit announced over the weekend that as of now, 1,000 items have been added to Terraria 1.2's repertoire. Just how many of those have we seen so far?

The snow biome, cannon battle, and other screenshots leaked previously show a good amount of new content, but nowhere near 1,000! The announcement brought three new screenshots, seen below, featuring some new items and fireworks; but even with these sneak peaks, we still have yet to even scratch the surface.

To add to the above, Redigit dropped some information in IRC last night confirming the addition of dyes for armor and cosmetics. As now now, he has developed approximately 70 different dyes with hopes to include over 100 once the update goes live.

Rumor has it that Terraria 1.2 will be going live in June. There is no official confirmation on this just yet, but we only have a month to see if this rumor becomes reality.

[Edit: The update has been pushed back to July. But hey, pretty waterfalls!]

Published May. 7th 2013

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