Buying A Year of PlayStation Plus Nets You 3 Months Free

If you were looking for a decent deal to get a PS+ membership, now may be the time to give in.

It's hard to deny the benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member. All those free games and discounts are delicious. If you were looking for a decent deal to hop onto becoming a member, you may want to get ready to pounce on this new promotion giving three free months.

Sony is offering three free months to those who choose to pick up a year's worth of a subscription between now and March 4. Those of you who pick up the new white PS3 models automatically get in on the deal, as it comes with a voucher for a free year of PS+.

If you are already a member of the PlayStation Plus service, you can still choose to subscribe to a year on top of your already-paid membership time. Subscriptions do stack, and your year plus additional three months will be added to the time you have already paid for.

Actually Pretty Nice

Sony claims this is a savings of over $2,400 over the course of a year, based on the free and discounted games available to members. After the nice free stuff they've been putting up over the past couple of months, I'm inclined to believe them. This deal paired with the new Sony Entertainment Network shop and the addition of a Paypal payment option, a PS+ membership has never been easier to take advantage of.

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Published Jan. 28th 2013

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