Sony Announces Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus

Ratchet and Clank return for one final(?) PS3 adventure.

After a bit of a teaser campaign over the past couple days, Sony has revealed a final image for Ratchet and Clank's newest adventure. Titled Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus, this is set to be a sort of final entry into the Ratchet and Clank Future series. It will be a large downloadable game like Quest for Booty and Full Frontal Assault were, though it is said to be larger than both of those games.

So What's New?

Into the Nexus looks to feature several new weapons and gadgets, a few of which were shown in the trailer.  Some of these include Magnet Boots, a strange ghost-flower like weapon, and a new weapon that appears to be some sort of Pulse cannon. Gravity appears to be a major element in the game, as there are several zero-gravity sections shown in the trailer, as well as the previously mentioned Magnet Boots and a gadget that appears to create a corridor where gravity works differently and allows Ratchet to fly to new heights.

A new weapon, appears to be some sort of Pulse Cannon


The setting so far seems to largely be set in vast, heavily technological environments. most of the trailer seems to take place on a fleet of spaceships, both inside and outside said ships. Some, however, very clearly take place on the surface of a planet, and may likely be the planet the space fleet is orbiting.  This sort of space setting isn't entirely new for the series, though most Ratchet and Clank titles tend to allow for travel between several different planets and it's not clear whether or not that will be the case in Into the Nexus.

Things Stay the Same

While there is a lot of new stuff to see, many parts of Into the Nexus are clearly standard fare for Ratchet and Clank games.  It is clear that zany weapons and gadgets are still present, and those are a must for any Ratchet and Clank title. A bit of the trailer shows that the series' sense of humor and penchant for including certain pop culture references is still largely intact by showing one of the evil aliens pressing a button and playing Wang Chung's Everybody Have Fun Tonight by mistake.

A startlingly beautiful space explosion

The game is also clearly a Ratchet and Clank Future game. Like the other Future titles, it appears to focus mainly on Ratchet's quest to find out what happened to his race. It would seem that members of his race are set to appear in this game, and the trailer is overlaid largely by an ominous female voice who seems like she may be holding one or more of Ratchet's people hostage, though that is largely speculation on my part. It is also stated to be an epilogue to the Future series

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus is set to launch on the Playstation Store for $29.99 sometime in the Holiday 2013 window.

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Published Jul. 10th 2013

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